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Onsite Services Information

Onsite Services

Does OTG work in my state?
OTG currently services over 350 companies in the following states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia, and Ohio.  If your location not listed we still may be able to help you because we are now apart of the Examinetics Network!

How many people can OTG test on the mobile hearing unit?
We can test up to 4 to 6 employees simultanously 6-person mobile trailers equipped heat and hair, with large hearing rooms, Sonex Foam, and acoustical earphone cups for outstanding testing results.  Our CAHOC certified technicians can work up to 20 hrs per day to accommodate your company's schedule and if needed, we can provide 2 mobile units at your site to test 8-12 employees at a time or you can request our 4-person mobile unit equipped with 4 private booths.

What shifts will OTG work?
We will work any combination for any shifts on any days of the week to accommodate your company’s working schedule.
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